After a year of playing, drunk and high, Koistinen played their gig at Stará Pekárna with two guests - Jana Milošová (violin) and Petr Smékal (saxophone) and - it was recorded.


released May 2, 2012

Songs by Iszek Baraque, performed and arranged by Koistinen. Sound Master and Mix - Broněk Šmíd.



all rights reserved


KOISTINEN Czech Republic

- The Evolution Shift Band -

The band Koistinen smashed up the music scene with the original „genre-coctail“: Four half-mad guys suck from rock, avantgarde, jazz, classical and experimental music. The concerts promise the electrifying picture of emotional scenes hidden in the lyrics and virtuoso spectacular full of genuine music inspired by the 60´s. ... more

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Track Name: THE HOME
- The Home -

It could be everywhere
and you can just call it
a home

The lights shining everywhere
but you can still be there

Sparks running through the air
and you can just feel
in your bones

It´s usually everywhere
where I just don´t feel like
I´m home

All the leaves
all the seeds
All the times
and different speeds

All the spaceships
faster trains
scholars´ matured
twisted brains

All the distance
Falls apart
The Truth gets
closer to your heart

All the Kingdoms
you´ve been reigning
will you seize
your might and sane

People are drifting everywhere
they looking for meaning
and moan

And I can´t still find anywhere
the place thatエs the trace
of my own

The season´s changing in the air
just take a look and see
what´s gone

Now You have walked down the Stairs
and showed me what means being
at Home

...and then when it starts to rain
and out of your good deeds
one will shine and wash away
shine and wash away your blames
Track Name: THE NIGHT
- The Night -

The night so subtle
and the way she´s dressed
I was worry
to suggest

To stay little bit longer
„...spent last hour with the guest“
`cause the night was getting stronger
and it took away your breath

The night so warm
streets are heading west
I was just wondering
what to do the best

Whether run, head for your arms
and be catched into the trap
but at night she was the stronger
so I did take the step

I´m on my way
having a bit delay
I´d rather stay
than take a freeway

I´m on my way
having a bit delay
I´d rather stay
but she takes a freeway

Endless visions
and the friends having a rest
Lords in the desert
walked down along the West

The night so peaceful
as they´ve pointed to the guest
that the time has come about now
„...spent the money you did invest.“

I´m on my way
having no delay
I wouldn´t stay
even I´d be late

I´m on my way
having no delay
I ´d rather t stay
but she´s on a freeway
- Horse of White -

Gleaming skin in an upward orchard
fruitful season pour in veins
Looking with evasve scruples
behind the fence enclosed in rain

From the outskirt of the Eden's garden
meeting Adam, greeting Eve
Who's in need to play with rattles
shake the tree, rattlesnake's grief

Horse of White
you cannot ride
Not on this Earth
where horses die

Horse of White
your tears go dry
You're stopping moan
when he's alone

Horse of White
you cannot ride
Don't take this way
where horses stray

Horse of White
I'll teach you ride
Just touch his mane
when he goes wild

A Sage aside and an early evening
eternal spark runned by horses' wings
Stepped inside, you've tried to stay in
and steal the light of those Glorious beings

But when the morning has it's own intentions
nothing can change what you will eat
So if you're in need to play with rattles
do not tempt rattlesnake's apples

Horse of White
you cannot ride
Not on this Earth
where horses die

Horse of White
you cannot tight
up There' a way
and songs you play

Horse of White
you cannot ride
Not on this Earth
where people cry

Horse of White
you strain and drive
Just on your own
you're all alone
- All Because Of You -

All because of you...
...I'm smiling
And The Ancients they are wondering why
could be upon my face that smile

All because of you...
...I'm painting
And the paintings of old masters blessing
all the colours that you're dressing

All because of you...
...I'm writing
And the words comes gently from my heart
to persuade you 'n' make you smart

All because of you...
...I'm wondering
'Cause you told me things I've never known
in one glance that can't be shown

- I was amused when I saw her face
Distant Age has turned the page

The deepness in her eyes like praying...
Tell again what they were telling -

Just because of you I'm watching
skyey infants in their fetching
And the music of old masters sounds
like your sooth voice 'bove the chimes

...and all because of you I'm looking
only for you.

But the others they are asking why
you've been chosen of whole sky